Lauryn Hill is back y’all! Okay well sort of. Last night she performed along with Nicki Minaj, Robin Thicke, Alicia Keys, Common, Queen Bey and a host of others. To raise money for the Robin Hood Foundation, an organization which aims to end poverty in New York, and pushes the importance of education.

This was Tidal’s second annual event in support of the foundation but the heavy hitters did not come to play when it came to performing but hitthe red carpet hard too. Check out some of my favorite looks featured on the carpet

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

The reoccurring theme throughout the charitable night was to vote! Beyonce told everyone to get in formation because our voices do count. While we all may feel helpless in this election season. Doing nothing and staying silently is absoulutely not the answer. If we can use our voice to get Barack Obama to be the first African- American President we can surely use our voices to make the RIGHT decision when it comes to the better option this round. If Beyonce telling you to get in formation wasn’t enough for you… Listen to Nicki below:

Anyways on top of all the major moments of the night. Lauryn Hill…  Miss Lauryn Hill performed some of all of our 90′s favorites but it wasn’t only her moment on stage that caught everyone. It was the private moment backstage between Nicki Minaj and her, which Nicki went on to share later on her instagram of meeting the legend for the first time. It’s amazing to watch Nicki have her full circle moment meeting the woman she quoted in her high school yearbook.

Source: Instagram

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