Mad Love x JoJo

In case you have been living under a rock lately JoJo has finally dropped an album after a 10 year hiatus entitled Mad Love and it’s best to say I am definitely madly in love with it.


The 10 year hiatus was of course not by choice. At 12 years old JoJo signed to ‘Blackground Records’ where her self titled album JoJo and  The High Road were released. With hit tracks shooting her to fame “Leave (Get Out)” and “Too Little, Too Late” . The young star was definitely highly sought after in movies and advertisements.

Did you know JoJo’s first single Leave (Get Out) made her the youngest artist ever to have a No. 1 on Bilboard’s mainstream Top 40 chart?

Anyways after all the success the young star found herself stuck in a contract that locked her in for an additional 5 more albums but with changes in the label company ownership she found herself being held hostage. Submitting a ton of material  for multiple albums but being met with nothing but silence. It wasn’t until 2013 where she was able to file a lawsuit to get out of the deal. After being released she signed with Atlantic Records and there’s where we find ourselves now with her first album in the past 10 years.madl

My Top 5 picks from the album:  

“Lay here with me in the dark
I know my edges are sharp
But sometimes the pain is what hurts you so good”


  1. Mad Love –in this modern age usually title songs don’t mean much when it comes to impact on the album but on this album it definitely holds it own.From vocals, production, to the ultimate climax this song is in heavy rotation by itself.
  2. I Am- This song holds a special meaning to me just because I’ve had the pleasure to see this performed live before the album dropped while she was on the 727 Tour with Fifth Harmony. Plus the message alone!
  3. I Can Only ft Alessia Cara –   “I learned the hard way on how to let go. . .So here we go
    Feel the adrenaline takin’ control”
  4.  FAB ft Remy Ma – Remy Ma enough said.
  5. Edibles- this song gives me Agape feels. If your a die hard fan you know what agape is.z

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