“We’re happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time. It’s miserable and magical”.- T. Swift

Taylor swift definitely nailed my year of being 22 in a single line. Who knew that you could be happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time or hell even in the same hour? No one rightfully prepared me for this year and all that it encompasses. Honestly, after the fairy tale of turning 21 where you feel liberated as an “adult”, and able to enter any establishment you want your kind of left to figure out the rest on your own. Well at least until you hit 25 that’s where everyone checks back in to make sure that while your headed  “over the hill” your at least headed in the “right” direction. But don’t worry that’s why I’m here let me fill you in on a things I learned while being 22.


Lesson #1- YOU

This one may not apply to everyone but the biggest lesson I learned and practiced is to put YOU first. I’m a very selfless person and sometimes I can get caught up in appeasing everyone and making sure everyone is happy. While that’s great and all what about you? At the end of the day no one will be able to have your back the way you do. It’s best to figure out who the person starring back at you in the mirror is, and figure out what you like, dislike, stand for, and will not tolerate. While on this mission you will find. . .

Lesson #2- Balance is Key #MajorKey

I guess it’s safe to say that I’m a bit of an extremist. Literally, it’s all of me or none of me. I see things in Black or White. No gray zone. You with me or against me. The definition of a ride or die. Which isn’t always a great thing. Especially, when becoming less selfless and more selfish. I literally began cutting out anything or anyone that caused me any uneasiness and I fully immersed myself in work. I’m telling you Solange told my story while singing “Cranes in the Sky”. Trying to work it away, and keep myself busy. Preach Solo!

Lesson #3- Step Outside the Box

This year, I definitely stepped outside of my comfort zone quite a bit. Do you ever find yourself implying rules and saying you know I typically don’t do this but heck let me just go for it?  Then realizing EXACTLY why you set those rules in place in the first place? Yup, while I found myself there quite a bit I also found myself traveling to the other side of the country, taking a road trip to see my favorite singer ever, and placed in situations that I could only dream of.


Being 22, has definitely been a crazy chapter of my life. I’ve learned the importance of relationships, what working hard gets you, and how to really take control and own your life. I’m so excited to see what this next chapter brings, and I can’t wait to share it all with you.

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