Zendaya launches new App + Clothing Line


“I want to show [kids] that you don’t have to be older to live your dreams; you can do it at any age. It’s possible. That’s what I’m here for.”- Zendaya for Jones Magazine (2013)

2016 has definitely been the year of Zendaya. Personally, it took me going through my collection of magazines from this year alone where I found a reoccurring familiar face. Zendaya, has  graced and been featured in so many major magazines this year it’s hard not to root for the young star. Last year, around this time I found myself at her Madame Tussaud’s wax figure unveiling where she wasn’t receiving just one figure that would be displayed at her hometown location but 2 wax figures.


One that would be eventually be shipped to the east coast. I recall, while waiting for her arrival to do press I was given the opportunity to surprise a few of her faithful fans hanging outside of the event with a chance to come inside and watch the unveiling with her. While picking one of the last few fans that would be able to go in, I spotted a family of four whom I later found out had come out early that morning from 2 hours away, just so their 2 girls could see the KC Undercover star as she entered the event. While talking to the 2 girls I realized how much they truly admired Zendaya and wanted to emulate her. Having the pleasure to make their dreams come true and break the news to them that they would not only get to see her go in but they would go in themselves to see the wax figures for the first time WITH her and take a photo with her made my heart explode needless to say tears were shed (on their behalf of course) while myself misty eyed lead them into the event. While I can’t be apart of everyone of those moments I was happy to share that memory. So last month when Zendaya premiered a video of what to expect on her new app self titled. I was thrilled. Check it out:

Are you amazed yet? I know I am and not only will the app be availible to download today but she has also launched her new clothing line, Daya. Which has me ready to spend my entire paycheck now!


But the good thing about the line is that it’s affordable. So I won’t have to break the bank and spend my entire paycheck. All the items are priced from $18-$158 and sizes range from 0-22. So literally every fashionista can get her hands on a piece from the “Daya” collection. Check out the website here: https://dayabyzendaya.com/

14279038_1172577689473579_73956920_n1Zendaya/ Instagram

Not to mention, the Covergirl has been praised by the first lady herself calling Z “Beautiful, talented, kind, giving, caring, role model” and the Queen Bey herself included the starlet in the now emmy nominated visual album “Lemonade”. So it’s to say Zendaya is winning all around I look forward to seeing what else she’ll have up her sleeve for next year.

12446305_230110044045656_826772250_n1Zendaya/ Instagram

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