It’s Miss Lauryn Hill to you!

Over the weekend, I had the chance to cross yet another artist off of my long bucket list of artists I would like to see. If you really know me (which through this blog you will eventually) you find that I LOVE musicals. Although Sister Act is new to the Broadway scene the movie itself has always held a special place in my heart. I mean where else do I get to experience San Francisco (Hometown), Whoopi Goldberg on the run, Jennifer Lewis, Nuns, all pushed by live performances tied with comedy. Although the first one is now a classic and being played out night after night on Broadway.


It’s the sequel that really hit home. Sister Act 2: Back in Habit is one of my favorite movies and I can say the movie is where I was formally introduced to Lauryn Hill. Of course, I knew her songs, those played over the airwaves all the time. But it was this Character “Rita Louise Watson” that I found myself identifying with becoming more intrigued by the actress playing her. She was this sassy, outspoken, stand on her own, chocolate girl with a raspy voice trying to do what felt right to her but conflicted by the standards her mother, played by Sheryl Lee Ralph (one of my favorite TV Moms), set with school being the priority not singing. While the story depicts the the traditional teen being rebellious and eventually doing what felt right the actress wasn’t traditional in anyway.


To say the least, this movie and the Miseduaction of Lauryn Hill paired with the Unplugged MTV sessions  set me up for major expectations and what I would experience come showtime. But let’s be real Lauryn in the past years had been inconsistent very hit or miss and that’s if she showed up for her set time. I’m the sort of person who would rather stick to recorded magic rather than risk the chance of seeing the album come to life and it’s super disappointing and left looking like this:


I’m also the person who is super optimistic and gives everyone a chance but learning that in order to do that I must have no expectations. Luckily, taking this chance  lead me to experiencing one of my favorite albums accompanied to  an amazing live band with an even better Lauryn. . . excuse me Miss Lauryn Hill.

Check out my favorite video I used to get me hyped for the concert to see what you’re in store for:

If she hasn’t come to your city yet I highly suggest you purchase your ticket and get a chance to be reintroduced to the new Miss Lauryn Hill. I will say that most of the songs are rearranged or placed over funky new beats. So like me it may take a minute to catch on to what classic song is being played but all the more you will definitely enjoy the show! I walked away wiith a new love and appreciation for the song “Lost One”.

Let me know if you’ve had a chance to check out the show, your favorite memory, your favorite line from Sister Act 2, or your favorite inspirational line from her!

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