Destiny Fulfilled

Can you believe it’s been 12 years since the last Destiny’s Child Album was released?! I can clearly remember the first time I heard the announcement that this would be the fifth and final album. Of course, at this time everyone expected the “breakup” all the girls had put out individual projects and they were all having great success on their own.  When finally announced that this would be the final album from the group they made it very clear that this was a decision to maintain friendship and leave the group on a high note in the public eye. It was clear that this was a mutual decision on everyone’s part they all had accomplished success on their own and wanted to explore how far  they could take it. Beyonce made it very clear that the future could hold another album for the group but as for now (2004) that would be it. . .


At this time, they discussed how the recording process came about and how the first week was spent just sitting together talking about what went on while they had all been on hiatus and pursuing their solo careers. The girls each poured a piece of their heart into this album and years later it still holds true. One of my favorites. Who knew that “Girl”, the song which probably remained my voicemail throughout my entire 3 years of middle school, was the really prelude to Kelly Rowland’s “Dirty Laundry”



Dirty Laundry one of Kelly’s most honest records and to me the epitome of real R&B (Rhythm and Blues) displays her darkest moments through her eyes which was previously channeled into “Girl”. Personally, I love knowing what crafted a song, what the artist was going through, and being relayed the story through a poetic delivery that brings the vision to life.

Beyonce tweets images behind the scenes at the Superbowl


While 12 years later were still waiting to hear a new album from the group it’s beyond evident that they have  definitely maintained their friendship over the past decade.  I mean have you ever seen a group do a final album and come back  over 10 years later to do a Superbowl Performance?






Check them taking a quick break from Titan’s Birthday party to take part in the Mannequin’s Challenge:

Well ladies, whenever you’re ready for that reunion myself and the rest of the world will be here still waiting but until then you’ll find me listening Destiny Fulfilled. Still trying to find my “Soldier” who’ll make me “Lose my Breath” and eventually want to put his “T-Shirt” on “If” of course he doesn’t want to make me to be “Through with Love”. . . Okay I’m done.

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