The Truth about Following your Dreams

When you hear people say they followed their dreams and it lead them to the place they are now. It usually gives you this light magical feeling that absolutely anything is possible and if they can do it then you can too. While that’s true sometimes we don’t get the full story of all the sacrifices they made to get where they are. The truth is nobody wants to talk about the not so pretty experiences that come with chasing a vision only you can truly see. While not many offer the transparent outlook on pursuing their visions. I like to follow those who keep it real and have no problem saying “Yo. . . shit gets real”. Like Myliek, Necole Kane, Skye Townsend and the list goes on but today I to share this gem I’ve looked to over the past 5 years as an example that hard work pays off and a guy who speaks from experience, SilentBx

First let me start by saying I am a HUGE brandy fan which you’ll probably figure out over time. Through my love for Brandy, I was introduced to Frank also known as Silent. He’s the person responsible for most of the amazing behind the scenes moments her fans get to catch. Frank has also been someone I’ve followed his journey from the early days of his site, following Bran on the road , and highlighting  major events, and now shooting his own documentary in La Perla.

Check out this reaction video he put together celebrating Brandy’s 20 years in the industry with Artists featured like Kelly Rowland, Missy Elliot, Gladys Knight, LL Cool J, Brian Mcknight, Jessie J, etc.

Recently, Silent dropped a video about the real when it comes to chasing after what you want and manifesting the life you envision. It’s definitely the nudge everyone can use from time to time to keep going.

5 Point takeaway:

1. Following your dreams is an easy statement but it’s costly. You lose friends, relationships, sleep.  It’s a roller coaster ride that could come with depression. But bottom line you have to make time for what you want even with a 9-5.There’s really no excuses.

2. Imagination- day dreaming creates reality.

3. Believe in the law of attraction. “The Secret” power of the tongue. It’s REAL.

3. The side effects of living a dream filled life it comes with sacrifice, stress, crying, but it’s worth it!

4.Team no sleep. . .  wake up call YOU really do NEED SLEEP.

5.Surround yourself with dreamers who get it. But remember everyone’s path is different and it’s about patience and timing.

“You might not win all the time but you’re going to make it to the finish line-Just put you blinders on!” – SilentBx


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