Netta Brielle releases new Mixtape “OMW 980”

Netta Brielle is well on her way to where she’s supposed to be. The gifted vocalist has definitely been trailblazing and making 2016 her year.

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure to sit down with her on “The B-Side” along with the crew where we were able to dive into her start in music, breaking into the industry, and then her most recent project “580”.

Check out the interview below definitely one of my favorites to date with so many hidden gems tucked within it:

She shares while on the road to chasing your dreams there is no special formula for getting “there” the only way you won’t reach where you ultimately want to go is if you literally stop.

Fast forward to now 7 months later she has released another EP “880” and now a mixtape combining the two and adding a little special touch to some of the tracks. Personally, I love when artists add an intro, interlude,  and outro to their body of work. Maybe it’s the 90’s girl in me but it makes the album/project feel complete or that the body of work was well


Needless to say, “OMW 980” is one of my current favorites not only does it have an intro that has a candid conversation leading out, but the follow up song  #Bay2LA (One of my favorite songs of 2016) switches up the original beginning and with an echo of my favorite line “Hell Yeah” and an interview sound bite leading out. Make sure you check out this mixtape available on Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, EVERYWHERE. So excited to see where 2017 takes Netta Brielle. One thing is for sure she’s definitely on the way and her name will soon be on the tip of everyone’s tongue.  Thank me later!

Favorite Tracks:


580 Extended


More to a Kiss


3x Crazy


All I Really Want