5 Lessons learned from The 59th Grammy Awards

I love Grammy season. It’s one of my favorite parts of starting the new year. Being a Recording Academy member for my local chapter I look forward every year to seeing who is nominated and who takes home the Golden trophy. This year was no different. Honestly maybe even my favorite year since becoming a member with 2016 being a GREAT year for music I was excited to see who the academy would deem worthy. I was pleased to see all the nominee selection for great music. Here are the 5 points I took away from this year’s Grammy Awards.


  1. No Label, No Problem- Chance the Rapper hands down walked away as the MVP of the 2017 Grammys. Not only did he break history by being nominated off a mixtape but being an Independent “Sound Cloud” artist. No label, yet traveling the world on tour and now becoming a Grammy Award Winning Artist shows how far technology has come and that truly anything is possible. You can do it all on your own. Chance is the 2nd Hip Hop artist to win Best New Artist, the first one being the legendary Lauryn Hill in 1999. I’m so proud of Chance not only because we’re the same age and he’s doing things his way but he’s really staying in his own lane and using his platform to spread the word of God and ultimately being blessed for remaining true.
  2. Music transcends Time – Another big winner of the night in my eyes was Solange. she won her first grammy for Best R&B Performance with “Cranes in the Sky”. A song wrote 8 years ago! The power of the song written so long ago that holds so much power now and really relatable for a lot of people in this time. When it’s meant to be it simply put will be no matter when it’s released.
  3. Adele = Humility
    screen-shot-2017-02-13-at-10-37-04-pmWe can all be honest looking at Adele over the night. She had a rocky start. Whether it was nerves, pressure, or just an off night. We can all admit it’s a bit hard to own when you’re off your game. Acknowledging that fact that it had been so long (5 years) since she had been to the award show. Either way, she owned her mistakes stopping at one point to start over, and even acknowledge at the end of the night that she couldn’t accept the award that Beyonce should have obviously won for Lemonade.
  4. Strong individually, Together Inseparable The Knowles Sisters made history once again last year being the first sisters to have a number one album in the same year and at the biggest night in music made history yet again by being the only sisters to win a Grammy in the same night.
  5. It’s Bigger than you. . .Queen Bey took the stage and as usual she killed it this year it was a little different. Well in my eyes I was shown a side of the Queen that solidified her in my head as a visionary. Not only had she shown up to perform while pregnant with twins but she put together an amazing visual to match a beautifully produced performance introduced by her mother. Not only did she put together an amazing visual to support women but she also gave an incredible acceptance speech noting that she does this so that he children can see themselves in multiple arenas and feel that it’s normal. Thank you Beyonce for not only doing it for yourself and your platform but an entire culture.





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