Lip Service with Angela Yee

This past Saturday Project Level San Francisco and 1015 digital hosted Breakfast Club Live with Angela Yee. Where Kayla (OfficialKaymezo) sat down with Angela to discuss her start in the industry, how’s it feel to be a leading lady in a male dominated industry, different ventures she has her hands in, as well as a few of her favorite moments and guests on The Breakfast Club. Sitting in on this interview, I gained a few gems from the leading lady on the #1 radio show in America here’s a few!

»Paths Change. Stay Ready.

During this sit-down, Angela took us all through her career journey sharing that initially, she went off to college to pursue an English degree so that she could become a teacher. It was during college when she had the opportunity to intern for MTV, TV Tunes, and the Wu-Tang Clan. Later she would be offered a position to work with the Wu-Tang clan but turned down the offer to finish her last year of college. From there she expands on the importance of using your college network to connect in the job world and that she ended up with her MTV internship based on a referral. Later she would go on to work in marketing, and then be offered a chance to audition for a spot on a morning show at Sirius XM with absolutely no radio experience. Which would then lead her to make the jump a few years later to where she is now. With that said, I’m sure she would have never predicted the space she’s in now. From teacher to marketing, to radio host. You can’t always predict your path. I even learned that she managed Jay Electronica for a short period of time and not becasues management was in her plan but because she genuinely wanted to help out a friend.

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 5.30.41 AM

»Everyone’s Watching + Your Attitude is Contagious

While touching on why she got so many opportunities for internships she mentioned people were simply would refer her because she was pleasant and always seemed happy. She later went on to say that, of course, we all have bad days and things happen that we don’t like. But if we walked around showing it all the time who wants to be around that? She has bad days like the rest of us but could you imagine waking up in your crappy Monday mood then turning on the radio and hearing your morning radio show hosts talking about how terrible their morning is going too. No, sometimes you need to show up and set the tone for others.

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 5.38.04 AM»Girl Boss in a Male-Dominated World

Working in a male-dominated industry in most fields is hard but the Entertainment world is even trickier. Angela touched on moments when men or people of certain caliber enter a room and address everyone in the room but because women are often assumed to just be the “girlfriend” of someone in the room or how the same thing a male say can be taken as flirting when you’ve literally said the exact same thing. Angela made it clear that it’s important to set the tone and stand your ground but most importantly. Don’t take everything so personal. #MAJORKEY

»Pay it forward + Knowledge is Power

I learned that Angela recently started a book club and really stressed the importance of reading. She started in hopes to encourage others, particularly guys, to read because books hold a lot of power in the exchange telling stories especially on success and how people made it. She mentioned the first book that her club read was Taraji’s book “Around the Way Girl” which is a great book for aspiring actors. Also, with the luxury of interviewing a multitude of people she’s gain knowledge from them in different areas of life and shared how she recently purchased a few properties in Detroit, not only because so many people of color were getting displaced to the outskirts but also because that market will soon grow with the arena moving back downtown. On top of that, recently DJ envy and Angela opened a Juice Bar in New york because they noticed a lack in their neighborhood. Not only, did they open one but made it a point to make it affordable and a cool place to hang out.



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