First Quarter in Review

Just like that Quarter one of 2017 is over and we’re steadily picking up steam moving through Q2. Can you believe we’re already 1/4 into the year?

If you don’t know, I recently transferred departments in my company and when making the switch I didn’t realize how important 3-month increments were. That is until I found myself hearing the word “Quarter” thrown out quite a bit along with how we’re pacing for the current and future quarters. It started to remind me about the quarter system in high school and how I was the master of figuring out exactly what I needed to score (or make-up) on each assignment to make sure I got a good grade in each class. I can’t lie I looked forward to seeing the breakdown of assignment scores and setting goals to end up with my desired grade. I would even go as far as to help calculate friends assignment breakdowns and try to save their grades and find ways to earn extra credit (I know, I know such a nerd) lol

Anyways, before we get too far into the second quarter of 2017 I wanted to take a quick moment to reflect on the first one and share some lessons I learned as well as favorite moments of Q1. Like everyone else, it’s easy to get so caught up in the day to day of what’s happening but here’s my attempt to slow down for a moment.

What went well in Q1?

I had my first event! –The Vision Board Party.

I’ve been wanting to put together an event like this for the longest and to be given the opportunity to not only have people believe in what I wanted to do but help make it happen means so much to me. I have a love-hate relationship with doing new things. I love the idea of what it can become and turn into. I hate not knowing the outcome beforehand. I love the adrenaline rush that occurs after getting through the new challenge Basically, I’m a control freak *Kanye Shrug*


I started going back to the Gym- still a work in progress here.

I’ve been making a conscience effort to get active again and try new methods of relieving stress. Since I now work 9-5 and spend most of my time stuck to a desk. I find that my stamina has taken a complete nose dive when it comes to doing simple things. I have no energy. I used to live for making 5 events in one day going from work to a concert, to another social event, to a rehearsal and so on. Utilizing ALL 24 hours while being on the move helped me feel complete. Now, I’m lucky if I make any commitments after work and that includes the gym because I’m literally be exhausted but I realize nothing changes by just complaining about it. So recently, I took my first dance class in 6 years as well as tried a capoeira class- which took a full week for my body to recover from but no pain, no gain right?

Work – Life BalanceFile_000 (2)

I’ve made a real effort this quarter to truly show up for all my loved ones. Last year I fully submerged myself into work in an unhealthy way. So much so I’m still paying for it now they automatically assume I’m too busy for them. Which is fair because in the past probably made them feel this way. Now, work comes second to my family and friends and I realize that I can’t recreate moments and go back in time. I can honestly say I took the time to enjoy life this quarter. Not only did I show up for them but I showed up for myself.

File_000 (1)Me, Myself, and I

This quarter I took the time to really listen to myself and work on me. I’m quite the selfless person and in the effort to show up for everything and everybody it leaves you burnt out. So this quarter in making the effort to show up for my loved ones I really had to rethink the margins of who that meant and add myself to the list. Hint: If someone only calls when they need a favor they probably shouldn’t be on the list. I love everybody. FACT. But in reality, I can’t go the lengths that I do naturally to break my neck and make things happen for everyone when in reality the return isn’t the same. People are not going to break their necks to help me simply because I’m really just not the type to ask for help. This quarter I took the time to access and listen to myself was I doing things to just make someone else happy, was I going just because I was invited?Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 6.44.47 PM Everything I did in the past 3 months was because it was what I wanted to do. Not because I was just going with the flow. I guess you could say I tapped back into my voice. Which lead me to do things on my own. In college, I had absolutely no fear in just getting up and doing what I pleased. Whether it was going to the movies, the mall, or on a walk, etc. If I felt it, I would do it. Somehow in the past year or so, I picked up the herd mentality -only doing things where I could get others to go with me for the most part. Concerts, events, or even to the movies. I somehow felt like I always needed a friend or companion to go out with me and if I didn’t I should just stay home. In the past 3 months, I’ve done a lot more social gatherings on my own which has lead me to meet new people and see how the people I would least expect would show up for me without me having to ask. By doing things solo it reawakened the muscle in me that I learned while in college, to vouch for myself, and believe in my abilities.

Here’s some of my favorite highlights of Quarter one:


Can’t wait to see what lessons Q2 bring.











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