Just Do you Boo!

This week’s motivational post comes from beauty Youtuber Ashley D. Beauty now better known on all her social platforms as Miss Ashley Devonna.  This past week during her Chit Chat GRWM her topic was “Focus on your DAMN self” and I must say the timing couldn’t be any better. For me at least. The last few weeks have been a roller-coaster ride to say the very least and throughout this never ending ride of life,  in the past few weeks I’ve cried out a few times for the operator (God) to ease up a little bit on the unexpected dips, drops, and turns. Or at least give me a slight heads up. At this point, I’ve stopped the crying and decided to just go with the flow because what other choice do I really have? In the midst, of all the chaos from the past few weeks I’ve done a lot of reflecting and while I’m continuously so grateful for the people who surround me it’s time to put my blinders back on and reset my focus. It seems like somewhere on this current race I’ve stopped to take in the view and may have gotten a little to distracted by my surroundings and how far I’ve traveled but now is a better time than any to get back in the race.



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