Ms. Badu & D.R.A.M collaboration EP

It seems like there’s something brewing between Miss Erykah Badu and D.R.A.M. If you’ve had  the chance to listen D.R.A.M.’s debut album “Big Baby D.R.AM” you’ve heard his track Wifi with Erykah Badu. Also listed on my latest playlist “110116” (Take a listen). While the song gives off some serious chemistry it seems as though the two will be teaming up yet again but this time for an EP. Read More

Watch: Kamaiyah’s Documentary “A Good Night in The Ghetto”

If you haven’t heard about Kamaiyah yet, please explain to me what rock you’ve been living under! Seriously, she’s been all over the airwaves this summer on the smash hip hop summer anthem “Why You Always Hatin?” with YG and Drake. She is the newest female rap phenom holding down the west coast and it doesn’t hurt that she’s from the Bay. Not only is she holding down it next to her west coast brother YG and Mr. OVO himself but she’s definitely carving out a lane of her own. In the documentary, we get to know who Kamaiyah really is and what has got her to this very moment. Read More

L.A.N.C.E. x June’s Diary

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months let me do you the honor of catching you up. Kelly Rowland and Frank Gatson have formed a new group during the TV series “Chasing Destiny’ on BET where they documented their process for searching for members of the group in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Texas, and New York, etc. Well the group has officially been formed since February but while trying to figure out the perfect name the say that it was during the month of June “where they built  a spiritual connection, where they shot their first music video” and they attended their first events as far as BET Awards, and Epicfest. Diary because they want to share each page of the journey with their fans.


So now that you’re all caught up let’s put you up on some new music. The Girls have dropped a new single “L.A.N.C.E.” and their calling out all the Lance’s which stand for Lying a** nigga cheating everyday. Not only did they drop their first single under their official new name but they released the video for it as well. What do think? Who’s your favorite member of the group?

Ella Mai

This week I’ve discovered this amazing voice while clicking through Youtube and to say the very least I’m obsessed with her. The 21 year old British songstress, has been around in the public eye since 2014 during her days on the U.K. edition of X Factor when she was apart the girl group Arize. After only making it through the second round of auditions the group disbanded and Ella Mai continued on her own and went on to write and record her solo EP Troubled. It wouldn’t be until the following year while uploading 15 second covers to Instagram DJ Mustard would discover her talent.

After discovering her Mustard went on to develop the chemistry they built while in the studio. So the interesting part about my discovery, was that while I had never heard about Ella Mai before when looking over Youtube numbers she had over a million views on some of her videos and close to a million on others. How did so many people know about her and how was I missing out this entire! It wasn’t until scrolling through the comment section I realized that she had been touched by the luck of Miss Kylie Jenner herself via Social Media. It’s crazy to see the impact social media can have over someone’s career but I’m excited to see how far Ella Mai goes. I’ll definitely be listening. Make sure you check out her debut EP Time above and click over to her interview with FADER to learn more about here!