Welcome to With Love, Lexy! My online home to my thoughts turned words on inspiration and entertainment.

I’ve created this space to share my journey as a 20 something millennial navigating the world of the entertainment industry and adulthood in general. Because let’s face it this whole adulting thing can suck at times. So my goal here is to share the lessons (love notes) that I learn while on this journey whether good or bad. My hope is that through my experiences you can navigate your own path of fulfilling your own dreams. This is for all the dream chasers that were told to stick to the beaten path,those that were told no 100 times and kept on until they found that one person to say “yes”, and those scared to take the plunge but know deep down that there’s something greater on the other side of their fear. I’m here to be that person to encourage you because I know if it had not been for those in my corner telling me to follow my own path I wouldn’t be able to share some of the stories and experiences that you will soon find on this site. Welcome to my world!

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